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Lindley Fire Case Summary & 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 02:06
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Debtor: Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc.
            2220 East Via Burton
            Anaheim, CA 92806
            Tel: 714-535-5761

Case No.: 17-10929

About the Company: Established in 1986 in Anaheim, California,
                              Lindley Fire Protection Co., Inc. --
                              www.lindleyfire.com -- provides fire protection
                              services and contracts with large industrial
                              warehouses and facilities. Lindley Fire
                              performs construction services worldwide and
                              its personnel have performed work in various
                              locations such as Western Somoa, Puerto Rico,
                              Texas, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado, Utah,
                              Montana, Idaho and Mexico.

                              With headquarters in California, Lindley Fire
                              Protection Co., Inc. provides superior fire
                              sprinkler services for industrial and
                              commercial systems serving five states in the

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